I have a genetic predisposition to having indigestion when the word recruiter is mentioned. Recruiters come in various makes, shapes, and varieties and in most cases they have a tendency to be very self-absorbed and more concerned with the fee they will earn rather than helping me build and grow my business through the acquisition of great talent. Of course this is a gross generalization and there are many great professionals in the recruitment business and one of them is Emma Thorp, MD of Thorp Associates. I have worked with Emma on several major assignments and she is engaged in my business, focused on how she can help me meet my business goals, and keen to find the best talent available to help me grow. She is flexible and willing to work with me to meet my needs rather than simply shuffle resumes and charge me for it. While I sometimes refer to her affectionately as my ‘stalker’ she really stays on top of things and is great with frequent follow up. I would recommend Emma and her team to anyone looking to work with true professionals.

I have worked with Emma for almost a decade. Initially as a candidate, I found Emma to be very well connected, opening doors to fantastic career opportunities and providing excellent counsel along the way. Subsequently, she has become my go to recruitment consultant when building my own teams, as she provides open feedback about the challenges of each role and honest insights regarding potential candidates capabilities and culture fit. Emma really invests time to understand both clients and candidates needs to ensure a perfect fit and as a result we only see the high calibre people we really want.

Thorp Associates have become a valuable partner in ensuring I have the best staff possible to accomplish my goals in building a first rate agency. Since opening our office in London 2 years ago, they have provided a hands on approach to supporting our needs, working alongside us as we grow, providing valuable strategic counsel and a real understanding of the environment. By truly understanding the agency, our desires, challenges, and strategy for the future we have the trust and confidence in her to seek and find the right people who can not only accomplish the job, but fit in well with our team. I always look forward to my calls with Emma.

I have worked with Emma for the last 5/6 years recruiting into all of our UK agencies. Emma has consistently found us high calibre candidates, many of whom we are lucky to have working with us today in a variety of health and wellbeing areas, which include PR, medical education and advertising. Our relationship with Emma goes from strength to strength. As a long term, trusted, partner, Emma understands our businesses and direction and is focussed on finding us the right people. On the candidate side, I think she genuinely wants to see the right person get the gig and her knowledge of the industry is so great that she often knows who that person is. She also has a great sense of humour which she applies in her daily interactions which is a joy for me!

Thorp Associates have been an essential partner in helping grow our business over the past few years. They understand our agency – the culture and the people that embody our approach – and ensure that only the right candidates are matched to our recruitment needs. They are also a delight to work with and, as with all good relationships, honesty and reliability are paramount.